About Excell Marble and Granite

Excell Marble and Granite is Tampa Bay’s Largest Natural Stone Supplier and Fabricator of Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, and Quartzite, all from our family-owned quarriers and others all around the world. Our fine slabs of natural stone can be installed as countertops, flooring, and wall coverings.

Since 1970

Excell is a family-owned and -operated business. The owner, Roland Feiertag, is from a large family in Brazil, one that goes back many generations and has been in the Granite business since 1970. Currently, the family owns and operates Granite quarries in Brazil, each one capable of producing many tons of the finest quality stone available.

Quarry-Direct Pricing

Mr. Feiertag brings this fine stone to our indoor showroom in St. Petersburg, so that homeowners and business owners in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota and Bradenton have access to the finest Brazilian stone at quarry-direct prices.

Convenience, Selection and Savings

Our goal is to provide a better quality stone at the best price while delivering superior service. Our indoor showroom allows you to view and touch over 250 natural stone slabs from over 25 countries in comfort without being rushed. From entry-level priced “common” stones to high-end “exotic” stones, we have the area’s largest selection at a more accessible price.

Accessories to Complete Any Project

If you are looking to remodel your Kitchen or Bath, we carry a wide selection of Copper, Bronze and Stainless Steel Sinks, Faucets and many other accessories. We also stay on the cutting edge of newly designed faucets and sinks. We offer some models that are just now being introduced to the European market and are completely new to the United States. In fact, there are many that you won’t find in the home remodeling and hardware stores, as they are often a year behind us. Moreover, as direct importers of these products, we have a say in ensuring that the quality of these faucets and sinks are superior to what you’ll find elsewhere.

Natural Stone Experts

It’s our job to stay on the front edge of innovation and bring this knowledge to our customers. From new fabrication techniques to innovative installation strategies, we have the experience and knowledge of the natural stone industry.

New Colors and Styles

We regularly travel the world searching for new colors, styles and ideas. We bring this knowledge to every project and are excited to share them with you. Many of the stones in our showroom are new to the US market.

LED Light Panels

For any project featuring Onyx, we have been producing stunning effects using LED light panels. The use of these efficient devices can add a dramatic touch to any kitchen or bath countertop, bathtub surround or wall panel. These bright yet efficient lights can spread out evenly on the Onyx surface, creating an eye-catching effect.

Where the Builders Shop

We cooperate with Builders, Cabinet Shops, Remodelers and Professionals to offer a large selection of stones at several price levels. At the same time, we respect and cooperate with those companies so that together we can deliver for their customers.

Do-it-Yourselfers Welcome

Do you D.I.Y.? Well, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, that will naturally help you save. The more legwork you do, the less labor costs from us you incur. We work to deliver whatever works best for you.



Roland Feiertag Senior, our founder, has operated marble and granite quarries in Brazil since 1964. We are the only quarry-owning natural stone company in the Tampa Bay Area.

Excell Marble and Granite is an importer and retailer of fine natural stone. We offer slabs of Granite, Marble, Onyx, Semi-precious Stones and Quartzite from our family-owned quarries and others all around the world.

  • Granite: Brazil and India
  • Marble: Italy and Spain
  • Onyx: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mexico
  • Quartzite: Brazil

This working knowledge of the entire process allows us to offer superior pieces of stone to homeowners and builders. We always know what type of product we get from our family quarries, and we use this insight to guide us when buying and importing from other quarries as well.

We know the ins and outs of the industry and are well versed in cutting-edge production techniques. Natural stone is produced using several different methods; for Granite, the most common method is called diamond wire cutting. This works by separating large sections of stone from the original mountain rock cutting with diamond wires. Once the large piece is set aside from the rock mountain, it is easier to drill. The most common drills use compressed air. Workers drill holes into the free blocks of stone, which serve to frame the stone and later help separate large sections of it.

Once the block is ready, it is transported to the manufacturing plant for cutting and polishing in slices, what we in the business call slabs. Most Granite blocks measure 2.5 to 3.0 meters long by 1.7 to 1.9 meters in height.

To cut Marble, usually the diamond blade is the tool of choice, especially when cutting it down to tiles. Diamond cost reduction in the last few years is allowing natural stone equipment manufacturers to promote the use of diamond cutting more and more. Diamond cutting has several advantages such as improved cutting quality, fast production in a smaller plant area and less environmental impact. A new piece of equipment that has the potential to change the Granite processing market is the DIAMOND WIRE GANG SAW. Further technology improvements on the diamond wire machine, better quality control of the cutting, as well as the diamond decrease in prices should make diamond wire gang saws the standard in the future.

Stone Polishing

As far as polishing the slabs, the most effective process is by using multi-head polishing machines. In the last few years, these machines have become standard for polishing the slabs, as they allow a better quality as well as high production. Excell Marble and Granite uses these machines, as do the largest Granite and natural stone processing plants. However, it is very common for the smaller companies to use manual polishing machines. In Brazil and China, much stone polishing is still done using manual or semi-automatic polishing machines. Lower labor cost and the high cost to own a fully automatic polishing machine still prevent some small companies to move on to the next level.

Handling, Shipping and Importing

We take the utmost care in transporting materials. In order to be loaded inside a container, the stone needs to be properly packed. Moving and storage of the stone in a careful manner is absolutely necessary to avoid damage. Minor scratches on the slab or tile surface may happen. However, an experienced fabricator (at the factory or in the USA) would have the ability to make repairs so the stone will look good again.

The natural stone tiles are usually packed inside crates or wood boxes. Those boxes should be able to stand forklift handling and hold their original frame during transportation. Some types of stone are protected inside Styrofoam boxes. Usually, Granite tiles (12” x12” and 18” x 18”) are packed inside those Styrofoam boxes prior to placing them inside the wood boxes.

Visit our large, indoor natural stone warehouse and showroom and see all of this for yourself.