We bring natural stone from quarries around the world to you.

Excell Marble and Granite is Tampa Bay’s Largest supplier, fabricator and installer of natural stone countertops, flooring and wall covering. We offer slabs of Granite. Marble. Onyx. Travertine and Quartzite from our family-owned quarries and others all around the world. 

There are more than 1,000. Some of our most popular are Baltic Brown, Ubatuba Green, Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, Blue Pearl, Tan Brown, Tropic Brown, Crema Bordeaux, Giallo Ornamental, Giallo Napoleone, GialloVeneziano, Peacock Green, Butterfly Green and Giallo Fioritto.

Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Granite: Built to Last by Mother Nature

Granite’s inherent strength, abrasion resistance and superior weathering durability are why it is one of the preeminent material selections available to today's architects.

Onyx Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Onyx: It beautifies any space.

Onyx is a natural stone that is considered semi-precious and is appreciated for its beauty as well as functionality. Its characteristically translucent and striking color traits make it stunning in backlit installations, such as kitchen, bathroom and bar countertops. The latest trend is to mount a sheet over a light box on a wall as a piece of art.

marble Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Marble possesses a presence all its own.

One of the softer stones, Marble requires added care and attention on the part of its owners. However, once it’s in place as a decorative surface and making its one-of-a-kind statement, the reactions from your friends and family who can’t take their eyes off of it should be reason enough to make a person realize why they chose Marble.

Travertine Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

No two slabs of travertine are alike.

Travertine is sometimes known as Travertine Marble, but it is actually a form of limestone that is deposited by springs, especially hot mineral springs.


About Excell Granite

Excell is Tampa Bay’s largest supplier, fabricator and installer of Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, and Quartzite. Supplied by their own quarries in Brazil, and others around the world, Excell has been providing quality natural stone for countertops, flooring and wall covering at the lowest prices since 1970.

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