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Travertine Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

No two slabs of travertine are alike.

Travertine is sometimes known as Travertine Marble, but it is actually a form of limestone that is deposited by springs, especially hot mineral springs.

Soft and delicate, inherently possessing features that no other stone can match, Travertine is a special type of stone. Like every natural stone, Travertine is unique with patterns, shading and veins of calcite crystals.

If you have ever looked at a piece of Travertine, chances are you’ll notice various-sized holes across the surface of the stone. These are characteristic of Travertine and are the result of trapped gas bubbles. As the gas forced itself out and escaped, crystals formed in the cavities.

Sometimes grout is used to fill these holes, but for some applications, non-grouted is preferred, leaving the holes open. Travertine is most often used as wall and floor tiles.

Travertine stone is well established as a dependable type of natural stone and never appears as one solid color. The color tones vary, and bands of contrasting color run throughout the stone.

The surface finishes for Travertine stone can vary. Not all Travertines are capable of the polished/high gloss finish; only the harder types are. This stone will never achieve the same glossy finish as Granite. A honed finish is the most popular type of finish. This isn’t shiny or reflective, but is instead more of a matte or a sheen finish. Tumbled Travertine makes the stone appear scuffed, weathered or aged.

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