Our staff of talented stone-cutters and stone-finishers can fabricate anything out of stone. Then, our skilled installers can complete your project with precision and efficiency.

We can create and install kitchen countertops made form Granite. Marble. Onyx. Travertine and Quartzite. From helping you select the perfect stone slab to installing it in your kitchen, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can make your kitchen remodeling project a reality.

Accent your interior design with beautiful and durable window sills made from natural stone. Whether you choose the ever-popular Travertine, or mix it up by using Granite, Marble, Onyx or Quartzite, you’ll have a water resistant, easy to clean surface to finish your window.

We use Granite. Marble. Onyx, Travertine and Quartzite to make beautiful bathroom vanity tops and countertops. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Marble vanity top or a more modern Onyx bathroom countertop, our natural stone professionals can guide you in choosing the perfect stone for your project.

Frame your fireplace with beautiful natural stone. Choose from slabs with dramatic streaks and veins to make a statement or choose a more conservative yet durable muted pattern. Either way, you and your guests will love the effect natural stone brings to any décor. 

Because of its strength and beauty, natural stone is the perfect choice for commercial applications. From attractive restaurant tabletops to tough bar counters, natural stone can be a valuable asset to your businesses success.

Strong, beautiful and easy to care for. Natural stone is the perfect surface for tables, bars, counters, sideboards and prep areas.

No bathroom renovation is complete without a new sink and faucet. We have a collection of beautiful bathroom sinks and faucets to please any taste, including the Davos brand of luxury basins. No other store in Tampa & St Petersburg can match our inventory.

Natural stone wall covering is a beautiful and durable choice for many applications. From a backsplash to accent the details of a kitchen to a complete wall covered with a stunning piece of natural “art,” stone can be the finishing touch that makes your project complete.

Nothing helps add value to a home more than an updated kitchen. And no kitchen remodel is complete without a new kitchen sink and faucet. These essential tools are often taken for granted, but we all know we couldn’t live without them. We offer a wide assortment of kitchen sinks and faucets to be the finishing touch on a kitchen makeover project.

Natural stone flooring can make a bold statement in your home or office. From polished Marble in an entryway to travertine throughout an entire room, Excell Marble and Granite has slabs of beautiful natural stone to complete any project.

Transition from one room to the next with a beautiful natural stone doorway threshold. With an unlimited variety of colors and styles, your floors will look complete with a touch of natural stone in the doorways.


About Excell Granite

Excell is Tampa Bay’s largest supplier, fabricator and installer of Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, and Quartzite. Supplied by their own quarries in Brazil, and others around the world, Excell has been providing quality natural stone for countertops, flooring and wall covering at the lowest prices since 1970.

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