Renowned for its stunning beauty and practicality, onyx is a semi-precious stone that transforms any area into a showcase of elegance. Its translucency and vibrant hues are particularly captivating when used in backlit features for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, and bars. Additionally, mounting onyx over a light box has become a popular trend, turning walls into striking art pieces.

Onyx, while comparable to marble and travertine in terms of softness and the need for sealing and regular maintenance, distinguishes itself as an exceptional choice for countertops and bar tops in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, when it is meticulously cared for to avoid etching or scratches, onyx surfaces emanate an air of elegance and sophistication.

Fortunately, our design team is readily available to assist you in exploring the benefits of onyx, ensuring that your chosen space not only stands out but also embodies the ultimate in luxury design.


Caring for Your Onyx Countertops

The maintenance of onyx countertops is not complex. Firstly, it’s vital to seal the stone at the time of installation to boost its resistance against stains and etching—a task your installers will handle. Promptly cleaning up any spills, especially acidic substances, is key to preserving the surface’s radiance. Also, for everyday cleaning, a soft cloth and a gentle, non-acidic cleaner are recommended. Apply the cleaner to the cloth rather than directly onto the countertop to prevent absorption. Lastly, using a cutting board will help prevent scratches, maintaining the countertop’s pristine condition for years.

Beyond the installation, our commitment includes offering bespoke guidance for caring for your onyx, ensuring that its beauty continues to be a central feature in your home.

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Beije Onyx
Desert Onyx
Green Onyx
Kirin Beije Onyx (1)
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Kirin Light Onyx
Kirin Onyx
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