Onyx is a natural stone that is considered semi-precious and is appreciated for its beauty as well as functionality. Its characteristically translucent and striking color traits make it stunning in backlit installations, such as kitchen, bathroom and bar countertops. The latest trend is to mount a sheet over a light box on a wall as a piece of art.

Like Marble or Travertine, Onyx is softer than Granite and must be sealed and maintained. Care must be taken to avoid etching or scratches. However, in all but the most demanding uses, Onyx makes an excellent counter or bar top.

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Caring for Your Onyx Countertops

The first thing to do is make sure your Onyx is sealed at the time it is installed. This helps greatly in preventing staining, dulling and etching. Your installers should do this for you. Regular maintenance includes wiping up spills as they occur—don’t leave a spill overnight. Be especially careful with acidic liquids such as vinegar, wine or fruit juice. Periodically use a soft cloth with non-acidic cleaning products to remove dirt and amplify the stone’s shine. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the counter top. Spray onto the dry cloth instead, to prevent the stone from absorbing the cleaner. Wipe away excess cleaner as you go. Use a cutting board when preparing meals on an Onyx countertop to avoid scratches.

Beije Onyx

Desert Onyx

Green Onyx

Kirin Beije Onyx (1)

Kirin Beije Onyx (2)

Kirin Light Onyx

Kirin Onyx

Landscape Onyx

Light Green Onyx

Pure Green Onyx

Rainbow Onyx (1)

Rainbow Onyx (2)

Vulcano Onyx (1)

Vulcano Onyx (2)

White Onyx