Quartz Countertops are on on the rise in popularity due to their durability and a wide variety of colors, but marble countertops will never fade from the design world. From White Carrara marble to Calacatta Gold, they will always be considered a classic. And, even though they require more maintenance than quartz, many homeowners love the look of etched marble for that true organic feel in their home.

Below is a list of some of the most popular marbles we sell:

  • White Carrara Marble

One of the most well-known and affordable marbles out there, White Carrara marble has been used since Ancient Roman times.  Then, it was called Luni marble.  There are many famous structures built entirely out of it such as The Pantheon, The Basilica of Massa and the old Ducal Palace of Massa.  

You can use White Carrara no matter what design style you are considering for your kitchen or bathroom. Concerning color, there are several variations of the stone, but most notably Carrara marble has a muddy white base with soft grey veining. It is not as dramatic as some of the other marbles and blends nicely with your overall design.  As mentioned, it is one of the most affordable marbles. If you are on a budget, we recommend considering this marble for your countertop.

  • Calacatta Marble

A rare Italian marble, Calacatta is considered a high-end luxury marble. Unlike Carrara marble, Calacatta marble has more of a pure white background with dramatic dark grey and sometimes Marble Butler’s Pantry Countertop veining that is found in the very popular Calacatta Gold marble. It is indeed a beautiful choice for a countertop and makes a statement in any room.

Since Calacatta Marble’s production is limited and well-controlled from the quarry, it is rare marble that comes with a high price tag. But, if you are looking for the wow factor for your countertops, then this is it.

  • Statuary Marble

Some of the most famous statues like Michelangelo’s David are carved from Statuary marble.  Statuary comes from the Carrara region as well.  Like Calacatta, it is dramatic in appearance but more monochromatic with white background and dark gray veining.   Due to it having a whiter background, it is considered more desirable; therefore, the price is similar to a Calacatta marble.

  • Danby Marble

Danby Marble is quarried in Vermont and has a similar look to Calacatta.  Although it still needs to be cared for like other marbles, it is considered denser and less prone to staining. Its pricing is between Carrara and Calacatta.

  • Fantasy Brown Marble

Popular marble does not always have to be white and grey. Fantasy Brown marble is one of our top sellers.  Our clients love the blend of seafoam green, blush, greys, and creams.  It looks fantastic in either a transitional or traditional kitchen.  And, as you can see, it makes a statement on a large island: